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Protects DPF - Restores Power - Restores Economy - Protects EGR

The Need for BG quality

We haven’t come across a product that pleases our customers more than the BG Range. By using the Complete BG Induction Service we guarantee performance restoration and improved fuel economy. You will also save on possible future costly repair bills to EGR valves, DPF’s, fuel injectors and other internal components. The modern combustion engine has been made to the constraints of new emissions standards and this means that your once clean and nippy car has turned into a deposit laden, fuel draining inefficient mess. We can undo all of this with a BG Induction Service, your injectors will fire more efficiently, airflow to the engine will be greatly increased and your emissions will be lower. You will notice the difference, GUARANTEED!

Combustion deposits

Grime & Deposits

The Manufacturers cannot help the fact that combustion engines create deposits, these deposits, sludge, grime and carbon will have a detrimental effect on Emissions control devices such as the EGR valve and PCV. Deposits in these valves severely disrupt airflow in the engine which means that the engines fuel and air mix are not ideal leading to a loss in MPG and more trips to the filling pumps.

Combustion restored

Restored like new

VALVE before service

VALVE after service

Clean fuel injectors

Clean throttle body

Clean plenum and air-intake

Clean intake valves and ports

Remove combustion chamber deposits

Correct balance of fuel and air in system

Increased fuel economy

Lower Emissions

Restored Horsepower

Smoother power delivery

Quieter idle with less vibration


The BG products we use are recognised by the major engine manufacturers, they use chemicals that help to remove hardened deposits from valves, crank cases, piston rings, EGR’s, DPF’s, fuel injectors, throttle body and air intake in turn restoring your vehicles performance and fuel economy. This will save you money and potential future costly repair bills.

A&A are proud to offer this service to our customers, we’ve used the products on our own cars and have found them to be hugely beneficial in fuel economy and power delivery

Diesel/Petrol Preventative Maintenance - BG Air/Fuel Injector Service  - Protects Against Sludge